Stuart Halbert Foundation | Who we are

The Stuart Halbert Foundation was set up to commemorate the important role that Stuart Halbert played in the evolution of Kilfrost into a global business.

As a global leader in intelligent fluids for eight decades, Kilfrost believe that businesses have a duty to support the communities that they serve. And so Kilfrost invest in projects both across the world and close to home. From those designed to empower, support and connect lonely and isolated older people, to the sponsorship of burgeoning sports talent, the investment in the arts and music, and the mentorship of students, Kilfrost works hard to give back.

Not only was Stuart Halbert instrumental in the growth of Kilfrost, he was proud of his links in the North East, where he quietly believed in a philanthropic way with no publicity. This fund is in his memory and should serve to help those that may be disadvantaged or in need of support; not just in the local community but for those people and causes that merit support.


Stuart Halbert Foundation | Am I eligable

The Trustees of the Stuart Halbert Foundation meet regularly to assess all requests for support. The criteria are simple:

1) Are there sufficient funds available.

2) Does the request come under one of these four broad categories:
a) People
b) Animal welfare
c) Armed forces
d) Local community
    (defined as Tynedale Valley and beyond).

The Trustees will never explain why they may refuse a request for support.